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In China block,the umbrella-typed enterprise “Itochu(China)Group Company Limited”(hereafter referred to ICN)was set up in 1993,which has the registered capital up to 100 million dollars.In 2005,Itochu China Regional Headquarter was approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.The Regional Headquarter is consists of 3 manage beachheads located in North China(Beijing),East China(Shanghai),South China(HK)and 8 wholly-owned companies in these areas and 17 liaison offices in addition.The company has a staff of nearly 380 employees in Oct.2005,and the number achieved 1100 if including employees in major investment companines are counted.The scale is equal to that of Itochu in North America and Asia.The business scope covers very wide fields from investment and management,domestic and international trade,contracted project out of China,financing and rents,to Economics and trade consulting affairs and so on.

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      • Itochu Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
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      • Metals and Ore
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      • Rm 1006-1007,Goldon Digital Network Center138 Tiyu Road East,Tianhe Guangzhou,P.R.C.510620
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      • 510620
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      • 13503081290(余先生)
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      • 020-38872714
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      • 020-3878-0515
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